Public awareness:
1.Do not waste water
2.Every children need polio vaccination
3.It is important for everyone to get the Covid-19 vaccine
4.Do not throw waste here & there
5.Plastic bag is a nonrenewable resource,do not use unrecyclable polybags/plastics etc.
6.Save fuel,do not waste fuel unnecessarily
7.Do not use non-potable water in cooking or drinking or washing any kind of food
8.Separate wet & dry recyclable & non recyclable household garbage in different bins
9.Do not waste food,wasting food is bad, and destructive for the Earth’s environment. When food rots with other organics in landfill, it gives off methane gas, which is 25x more powerful than carbon pollution.
10.Remove small pools of standing water from around your home,throw out any items that could hold water to prevent the spread of mosquito that causes dengue.

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