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The origin of the name ‘Bansberia’ has its roots in an age-old legend. The imperatorship of an area including the present-day Bansberia was handed over to Raghab Dattaroy of Patuli by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1656. Raghab’s son, Rameshwar, cleared a bamboo grove to build a fortress. Hence, inspiring the name of the town, Bansabati.

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Shilpi Chatterjee

Vice Chairperson

Being the Vice Chairperson of Bansberia Municipality in West Bengal  gives me immense amount of pride and responsibility of accomplishing the duties entrusted upon me. I feel myself responsible to look after the needs of  the people of the different sections of society living in this Bansberia,Tribeni and surrounding areas. I love to see the development brought about by the joint efforts of the Chairman, all the Councillors and the local people of this Municipality.

Vision & Mission

The citizens of  Bansberia  municipality heartily desire to see their city as an attractive tourist spot highlighting its historical background, providing employment and engagement of many unemployed youths. We want our municipality to be an economically self sufficient, environmentally clean and green urban area having metal concrete road with sufficient streetlights where our citizens will have healthy surroundings, sufficient quantity of wholesome water, good drainage and sanitary system and also sufficient health care facilities, education as well as the cultural / sports facilities.

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