The License department of the Bansberia Municipality is responsible for issuing and renewing all sorts of trade licenses. Issue of Different types of License U/s 118, 201, 278, 281, 282 & 344 Municipal Act 1993 (As Amended) also for food & Rickshaw & Electronics Rickshow.

    • Contact Person with Designation:-
      Mr. Manik Lal Das (Clerk-in-Charge)
      Contact No: 033-2634-6324/ 6806

      • Public forms used in the Department:-

      License Form (U/s 118, 201, 278, 281, 282 & 344)

      • Certificate issued by the Department:-

      Trade License (Certificate of Enlistment)

      • Monitoring mechanism of the department activities:-

      For New Issue

      • Form/ Application
      • Supporting papers (Tax Bill, Consent from Land Lord, Rent-Bill, Partnership Deed, Incorporation Certificate (for Company), Xerox Copy of Identity Proof (Voter ID Card, PAN card etc.)
      • Death case of Land Lord: Death Certificate, Warrision Certificate, NOC of all warrision.

      For Renewal

      • Form/ Application
      • Xerox copy of old License, Tax Receipt etc.
      • P.Tax
      • The following are the procedure for the renewal of license:

      After filling up the specific form(s) the below mentioned documents have to be submitted:

      1. Attested copy (original) of the certificate of last year.
      2. Xerox copy of the Permission/Renewed Permission Letter issued from the West Bengal Pollution Control board.
      3. Attested xerox copy of the permission letter issued last year by the West Bengal Medicine Control Board.
      4. For those executing business from own house, xerox copy of the invoice of the tax submitted till date.
      • Following are the procedures in case of new license:-
      1. If the owner is going to execute the business from his/her own place by him/her then attested copy of the invoice of the tax is to be submitted. If the business is of others then original copy of the permission letter issued to them by the landlord/owner and 2 attested copies of the invoice of the house rent, signed by the landlord must be submitted.
      2. For partnership business attested copy of the partnership deed registered by Executive Magistrate must be submitted.
      3. Attested copy of the Approval from the Board in case of Limited and Private Limited companies.
      4. Attested duplicate copy of the approval from West Bengal Pollution Control Board in case of the Plastic factories.
      5. Attested copy of Prior Consent from the West Bengal Pollution Control Board in case of Nursing Home and Pathological laboratory must be submitted. CMOH certificate, NGO certificate for dust removal, invoice of the instruments to be used, declarations from the allotted doctors and the copy of their registration must be deposited.
      6. In case of Professional Certificate for Doctor, Ayurved, Engineer, Plan Maker, Estimator, Plumber, Astrologer etc, Xerox copies of the specified certificates must be submitted.
      7. If the ownership is changed then the original copy of the affidavit issued from court must be submitted. NOC of the owner will be required.
      8. If the name of the organization is changed then the original copy of the affidavit from the court will be required.
      9. If the business is executed at rental occupancy then the holding must be a commercial one and approved building plan for business execution must be there.


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