Bansberia Municipality

March, 2022

Municipal Vision:

  • At Your Service: A respected and inspired public service partner. – City of Bansberia.
  • The township of Bansberia – Bansberia Municipality provide a variety of services and programs to the community in an efficient, cost –effective and cooperative manner.
  • Bansberia Municipality is proud, proactive, progressive team committed to innovation and leadership through the provision of services enhancing the quality of life in our community.
  • Bansberia Municipality will serve its resident, business and visitors through leadership, partnership and the provision of effective and community focused service.
  • The mission of council and staff is to work together to create and implement strategies necessary to turn the vision into reality.
  • Quality service and community leadership.
  • A safe, liveable and sustainable community for our present and future citizen.
  • The Bansberia Municipality will maximize opportunities for social and economic development while retaining an attractive, sustainable and secure environment for the enjoyment of residence and visitors. Through responsibility and professional leadership and in partnership with others, the Municipality will strive to improve the quality of life for all residents living and working in the larger community.
  • Marathon will continue to be a healthy and progressive community that supports development opportunities, lifestyle quality and open, flexible governance.

From The Desk of Chairman

Dear Citizens,

At first I would like to desire you all better luck and expect all of you are in good health condition and enjoy the ongoing winter season. With the teamwork of all of you and with the hard endeavour of all Municipal Employees & respective Ward Councillors, Municipality is approaching towards better improvement in different sectors under its jurisdiction. From the beginning, Municipality always try to provide an attempt for poor inhabitants to give a better facility in various Municipal services and also raise the hand for poor children in education field. This year we have tried our best to give more extra benefits for Municipal citizens in various ways

Any suggestion regarding every municipal affair is always welcome.

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